A Natural Blessing-
Placenta Encapsulation

Served over 100 families in Arizona.
Experienced and affordable

How it is done

I have been trained in preparation of the placenta.

I massage, rinse, slice or steam, dry, ground, and encapsulate. 

Raw or TCM (Traditional Chinese Method) I can do either Method that you feel comfortable with.


 There are two ways to prepare the placenta for your capsules;

The Traditional Chinese Method or the Raw method. 


The TCM is I steam/cook the placenta

(I add  ginger and lemon in the water for warmth properties)

before dehydrating. 


The Raw method is I dehydrate it from a raw state and not a cooked state.


Some believe that the Raw method has more nutrition/benefit and steaming it can cook some of the nutrition/benefits out. 


Some also believe that steaming can enhance nutrition/benefits. 

 Either way it’s just a preference and both end up being dehydrated and put into capsules. 


I prepare it Raw unless you ask for TCM.  I do charge $10 more for TCM because it takes longer


There is also the option of Raw with out dehydration- if you are interested then please let me know.



I follow the OSHA guidelines during the preparation of your placenta.  

I do treat the placenta with respect knowing the work it has done to nourish your baby,

while preparing it I'll pray for it to continue it's work in nourishing you.

When it is done

Ideally, the placenta is encapsulated within 48 hours after the birth. 

While you bond with your new baby,

I will come to you and take care of your placenta in my home or yours. 

I am “on call” for you and will make every effort to come to your home

within the 48-hour time frame to encapsulate your placenta.

Some women who have home births choose to have me do it in my own home

so during the 1st couple of days bonding with baby

they do not hear me banging and cooking in the kitchen during that time.  


Average of 100+ capsules

Directions/recommendations on pill dosage

Dehydrated umbilical cord keep sake in a beautiful shape like a heart or spiral. 

Phone and email contact on any questions you have after receiving pills


I also offer veggie capsules ($7)

herbal supplements   ($2 per herb)

and placenta prints- included