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Placenta Encapsulation

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                                     Now it is the time to feel your best after your birth. 

Placenta Encapsulation-

“Baby blues” is a common occurrence

– 80% of mothers experience it in the first days and weeks after giving birth. 

Because it is so common, nothing is typically done about it

until it worsens into a diagnosis of postpartum depression.


The Placenta has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. 

Traditional Chinese medicine has recognized the placenta as a powerful medicine

to increase lactation, boost energy and mood.  


Women over time have cooked the placenta in a stew,

mixed it into a smoothie,

made salves and tinctures or

even taken it raw to get into its powerful effects.


For many who feel squeamish about this or want to reap the benefits of the placenta

(for more than just a day or two)

there is the option of encapsulation. 


 Today, many women look to placenta encapsulation

as a natural way to even their hormones after birth and avoid postpartum depression.


Why Placenta Encapsulation?....



 ***~contain your own natural hormones~***


***~perfectly made for you~***


***~balances your system~***


***~replenish depleted iron~***


***~gives you more energy~***


***~lessens bleeding after birth~***


***~increase milk production~***


***~help you have a happier postpartum period~***


***~return of uterus to pre-pregnancy state faster~***


***~helpful during menopause~***






A Small study of 40 women 

from Fruit of the Womb Placenta education and encapsulation

 Here are their results;


*81% of the mothers in this study have a history of Depression and/or Postpartum Depression

*92% of moms had encapsulated for the first time!

*94% of moms stated that their milk supply was perfect or ‘high’ for their baby’s needs

*89% of moms overall felt better than expected

*100% of moms are glad they choose to encapsulate!

*100% of moms would recommend placenta encapsulation to others!


***Although we fully realize that these statistics are not scientific and that there is no placebo, etc.

Our goal and desire is that one day our culture will embrace placenta remedies as a norm and an essential element to postpartum recovery! Thank you to all whom advocated and participated in our survey!


If you are interested in viewing the full results of this survey please email us at : placentapills@yahoo.com



BreAnna Ledner


Mesa, AZ